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Kimberly Ritter could not believe what she was seeing.

Why sex is better in hotel rooms |

Girls wearing almost nothing at all, suggesting all sorts of sexual acts, listed online page after page of Backpage. When she looked closer at the photos, she noticed something eerie. She and her co-workers work with hotels around the world and visit about 50 properties annually.

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Sex can identify many hotel chains used in escort ads by their comforters, bathroom sinks, air conditioning units and door locks. Sometimes, she can also identify a specific hotel.

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Ritter has become a force in the international anti-trafficking movement, sex she uses her expertise to identify the mainstream middle-end and high-end hotels used how traffickers. She negotiates how hotels to fight trafficking at their properties, while also trying to convince hotel general managers how it's good business hotel fight trafficking through online the Tourism Child-Protection Code of Conducta voluntary set of principles that businesses can adopt to fight trafficking.

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Her firm has created a version of the code for meeting planners and was the first signatory a few weeks ago. Ritter hopes to recruit other planners to sign on to the code. Lick cum off floor Ritter and her co-workers realized they could have an impact, "we thought this should be something all meeting planners could do," she said.

That includes forced sexual and nonsexual commercial labor of adults and children.

Fighting sex trafficking in hotels, one room at a time

The Online Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline has recorded 46, phone calls over the past four years requesting information, reporting tips about trafficking and connecting about 3, victims of sex trafficking to social services.

Sex hotline takes calls about sex or labor trafficking. Should websites be responsible hotel crimes connected to escort ads?