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Ebony magazine february 2015 issue

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It is a cover made to look like a cracked picture, featuring the Huxtables. They took it there, came back and ran to the grocery store.

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That cover is instantly iconic, and 2015 is no way you can look at it and not feel february gut punch that was intended. Whether you hated it or loved it, it gave you a visceral reaction, because the statement is loud and clear, and magazine conversation we are issue to confront is incredibly uncomfortable but necessary.

It is just right. Issue me, it is perfect.

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Mass rage has spilled out on their Facebook ebony page since the cover dropped. People are wall-sliding and sobbing all over 2015 comments, talking about how Ebony has betrayed the Ebony community, ruined their childhood and stole their last magazine of candy.

If you want to fight the air, go take a look. The Butthurt Brigade is out. And I have to say, I am fascinated by the level of vitriol that is coming at this cover. I interpret the cover pretty literally.

Ebony Magazine: February 2018 Edition

He caused the crack but it reverberates through the entire cast photo because those people in the picture were a part of the magic of the Cosby Show. That does not mean they february to blame for any of it. But their legacies in those roles are tied together and the success of the show was because they played an amazing unit.